The Beautiful You and We

By Erika Petrelli On Monday, September 25, 2017 no Comments · In alan watts, #MotivationMonday

Some weeks I turn to the words of others in absence of words of my own.

Alan Watts is always a good one for me, for that. And I recently stumbled across this one of his.  If you have seven minutes to spare, I think it's worth the time:

I invite you to grapple with this question, as I grapple with it myself:

How can you honor your own mixed-up human self, like the beautiful (and perfect) seashell that it is?

And how can you simultaneously sit in wonder at the beauty of everyone else's; understanding that collectively we make up the pinholes through which the fundamental light, our existence itself, shines through?

As so many signs have recently pointed out:  Be-YOU-tiful. Because you are beautiful.

(and you are)

(and so am I)

(and so are we)

 How can you look in the mirror, and look into the eyes of everyone you encounter, and see the piece of jewelry there, that is "beautiful beyond compare"?

Erika Petrelli

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